Auditing Workflows

This page contains workflows to audit Rubrik activities.

Failed Tasks

The activity log contains detailed information on every task. In the event of a failure, a number of options are available to the administrator - alerts, traps, logs, and so forth. If you wish to pull this data for programmatic use, the following workflow can be used:

New-RubrikReport -ReportType daily -StatusType Failed

The resulting data will contain a key named failureDescription that can be parsed for more information. A snippet sample value is shown below:

failureDescription : Rubrik backup service at 'object' returned error: Remote call exception: object:12801 error: SSL_read: Resource temporarily unavailable
status             : Failed
jobType            : Backup

Storing this information into a variable, CSV file, or other object can be helpful for pushing failed task data to 3rd party systems.

CSV Export:
New-RubrikReport -ReportType daily -StatusType Failed | Export-Csv -Encoding UTF8 -Path $Home\Documents\Report.CSV -NoTypeInformation
Store to Variable:
$Report = New-RubrikReport -ReportType daily -StatusType Failed